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Thread: Intrepid - Darkening Deeps - No Random Charge Reward

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    Default Intrepid - Darkening Deeps - No Random Charge Reward

    No Random Charge Reward such as cr ot tf stone or plat (1.6plat is probably not from charges) in the end after defeating Scarn. See screenshot.

    Doesn't consume charges though.

    Intrepid - Darkening Deeps - No Random Charge Reward-2016-11-24_184726.jpg
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    That's a big problem right there!
    You only give us 3 expert dungeons: TOA, TC and IDD. Now you disabled TOA to rework so only TC and IDD are working.
    And what's nice?IDD is not giving awards?
    So we only have 50% chance to get a random charge reward.LAME!!!!
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    Also the fun issue of finishing IDD, everything is dead so you leave group... and get 30min deserter debuff.

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    Murphy's law

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