Even tho RoF chronicle was pretty cool and Shadow from Beyond was interesting (it lacked some rock 'n roll but by the end of it, the lore saved it), I thought It was quite a low number of Chronicles we had available on NMT. Even tho I:GSB, RoS and HK were scaled up, the PA reward wasn't and it felt like incomplete (and once again, repeated) content.

Other cool chronicles were left off, like my favorites; Infernal Dawn and PBB.

Nonetheless what can we expect Chronicle-wise for SFP?
Any chance we get new chronicles, maybe more than one for soloing? maybe 3 as a duo? ... what about maybe a couple a bit harder with better rewards (or not) for a group of 3?
And less old content ... (nothing wrong bringing them back ALONG new ones, but not 2 news ones and 5 old ones ... for ppl that play since BETA, it gets really repetitive.)

Am I expecting t00 much? D:

I think chronicles are underrated and a wasted chance to put out more of Rift's Lore to the player-base. Honestly it's my favorite activity when I wanna kill time (and the only reason I wasn't bored to death with just RoF and SfB, is that RoF was actually awesome).

Eitherway, devs have any info on that? :3