Hey all, we have been running HK 5/11 or 7/11 and working on achievements each week and having a lot of fun. We are always looking for good players who are interested in mostly having some late night fun and also gaining a few tough achieves.

If you are interested, the people hosting this are Supertrampz and Dirtyslayer @ Hailol.

Times: Wed/Thurs 9:30 pm shard time until Midnight.
Requirements: Sicaron and/or Inwar Darktide achievement.
Hit/gear. 1400 hit (or close to). The reason is: If we plan to get some achieves we will need to get high-end dps such as on doing Inwar without him casting his 3rd Surge or defeating Sicaron without gaining 20 contracts. This actually requires 3 mill dps! Not easy.

If you are interested at all (NA), please let either of us or leave a message here or PM me.

It is a pretty good group.. We have some people parsing over 150K and on Sicaron around 230+K. It is a pretty solid group and most of the people who join have a good time. We can quickly run 7/11 however once you add any achievement into the mix, it can take some time.

Current Needs always: Tanks and Pullers on Estrode (who actually know how to pull)

Next week's run: We plan to go for a faster run and only do a couple achieves on Bosses Garuu, Sicaron, and Inwar.

Following week: MS Jino and Yogurt: Plan to do Double Black Diamond and No deaths, no charms on Yrlwalach