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Thread: Red circles on Duke Ebelius: egregiously larger than they appear?

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    Default Red circles on Duke Ebelius: egregiously larger than they appear?

    See how far away I was from the red circle when I took 400k damage (it's faint, but the number is there) and died during the second add phase:

    I wasn't jumping. So, am I missing something?
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    Sometimes there's a graphical glitch and and all the red circles simply don't show up for all people.

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    Default Ports and charges

    I play a Mage and mostly chon/dps naturally charging over an area will lead to instant death but while playing Harb phase stepping from a point on the other side of a red circle to the boss killed me as well. I am not sure if it was a graphical issue and I landed too close to one or if the death was from the teleport. I've learned to simply stay away from anything red on that fight(can confirm not a buff) and hard mode will reinforce stay away from red when those little time bombs start running around.

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    You can teleport through them, I do it every week as the kite tank (Riftstalker) , but they definitely seem larger then the graphic by 1-2m.

    I will preface the following by saying I however seem to not have an issue when running an arch around the far side of a circle (generally between a circle and a wall), but do have the issue when running an arch along the near side of a circle.

    While I am not saying the circles aren't necessarily larger, the issue may also be exacerbated, if not at least caused, by micro lag where in if you are running a curve the server will assume you continue along a tangent to the curvature of your path before your client can correctly communicate your true position. Thus the server places you into the red, processes the damage, determines you dead, then receives the data from the client and updates your position to outside the red where you should not have ever been in danger, but still considers you dead. Basically it is a race condition where the resolution priority is on the client for position but on the server for state leading to an inconsistent (and arguable corrupted) outcome. One solution would be to only process a damage collision from client verified position data, but that could lead to certain lag exploits.

    By the way, I have seen people with terrible lag die after standing in fire, then move for a full 4-5 seconds in a non-linear (even non-smooth curvature wise) path that would perfectly take them out of danger and away from other danger at the time around there death, while a corpse on the ground clearly showing a sequence of time phased actions applied in an inconsistent player state.

    P.S. the above micro lag issue would be made even worse the faster you are going as the server will extend your collision vector proportional to your speed. I saw a extreme example of this in a speed run of another game where an "infinite" movement and rotational speed glitch caused a player to effectively collide with all points in the loaded game space at "once" (within a display frame).
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    I'm fairly certain (but not entirely) that this isn't an issue of the hitbox of red circles being too big, but rather that the hitbox is displaced compared to where the animation is showing it is.
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    This is actually really common when it comes to a lot of the "danger zones" that are in raids especially when they're circles. They always appear bigger than they really are. I normally give it a few extra meters as compensation for this versus trying to come in as close as possible and risking gettin' nuked.

    Except in the case of Sicaron's Contracts. I think that's the one thing that's actually spot on for the VFX actually matching the hitbox.

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