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Thread: Todays patch

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    Default Todays patch

    * Manifest Scorn will only target players and Surging Flame will no longer crit Azaphrentus.
    Nice to get some fixes for CoA finally, even if there's lots more left to be done. No more npc/stuff stacking which shouldn't have been possible from the start so all good there. As for the 2nd one, i was under the impression that since the waves aren't cast by boss it was intended for them to be able to crit, no?

    What about the other problems with the fight, the dot part of manifest scorn keeps ticking unitll player dies? Player geeting killed by waves while he's turned into the monster? The buff the boss gets during the Rage cast not working?

    While i appreciate the fixes (the ones for this boss and all others), it looks like these changes just made the fight harder with less damage to boss from the waves, while at the same time haven't aleviated issues that "help" players dps/survive.

    Overall it would be great if the number off issues in the new raids were less from the start with more time for testing and polish. But since that doesn't seem to be the case, i would really like to see more "broad" fixing aproach, where you take the reports of issues on a certain boss/encounter and try to fix most of them at the same time for a patch, not just focusing on select few while ignoring the rest. This brings problems like 1st boss had, and the ones that are still left on this miniboss and will have to avait some future time to get looked at. This kind of approach can very quickly have the inadvert effects of buffing the difficulty of the encounter post release (which at least in the past was something that you Trion claimed will never ever do).

    Edit: heh, so apparently now the crystals can be cleaved (tsk tsk patch notes )
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