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Thread: Questions about Pagura mechanics

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    Default Questions about Pagura mechanics

    Leaping Contagion: Chain AOE mechanic. Spread out to reduce damage or build camps of 3. Hits 5 people total. Lethal after third jump.
    Is it still lethal after third jump with the mom nerf?

    Have each tank pick one up while one tank is standing outside picking up the spawning Scourbites. Kill them and the nests with Pain Bringer.
    How do u kill the Scourbites with Pain Bringer if the tank have them? You have to position carefully such that the aoe covers the Scourbites but not the tank?

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    The pulse from pain bringer is what kills the adds. It does nothing to players til the end of the debuff. The dangerous part is at the end of the pulse, when you explode and do dmg to anyone in the red. So you quickly run through adds and find an "ant hill" and sit on it to destroy the mound. As for leaping, I'm not sure.

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    Leaping doesn't seem like it was nerfed with the MoM nerfs so I'd still say try not to stand near more than 2 others at a time.
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