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Thread: Gearing to tank?

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    Default Gearing to tank?

    So I've been getting back into Rift after taking a long break. I'm at ~1100 hit, and looking into doing T1/T2 raids. Before I quit, I was primarily a tank, and liked it. Not to mention, it's much easier to find groups if you're willing to tank.

    The problem is now that getting tank gear is very difficult. For DPS gear, I can find excellent PvP gear options. As a result, my DPS gear is vastly better than my tanking gear, despite trying to focus on tank gear.

    What's the best way to get tanking gear, and which pieces? Do I just suck it up and buy all the T1 tank gear, then buy T2, etc, etc? Which pieces are the most critical to upgrade? I already have the quest cape, and decent lessers, it's the hit gear that's lacking.
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    Buying gear from the shop is only to speed up your personal gear progression.

    You can do weeklies to acquire all of them if you're willing to put in the time it takes.

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    Just run content as DPS and work on gearing up with rot gear. Or farm mats/plat and craft the planar crafting tank gear (150 hit gear).
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    There are also pvp weapons with tanking stats (guard) and 175 hit for all callings. You can either get them with warmonger marks (I believe that's what they are called), or with a little help of your credit card...
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