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Thread: Stacks in CoA EM still bugged out

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    Default Stacks in CoA EM still bugged out

    I was just doing a PuG CoA EM. On Hericitus, our stacks reached around 89 during the fight. We wiped and and the boss bugged out (the boss wouldn't reset because we somehow stayed infight even though we had all already respawned). So we decided to all leave the instance and run back in again (meanwhile our stacks reached 99). When we did, our stacks reset to 1 (as we thought they would) and the boss also (luckily) reset. The problem is, our stacks didn't go up anymore, they stayed at 1. Ofc we had to call it quits then. :(

    Please fix this Trion. (:
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    also when wiping on lord fionn the stacks of groupmembers that respawn before the fight resets stay the same but for everyone else they reset and the people lose the 1600 hit buff aswell.
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    Yes, stacks are bugged and not in line with the tooltip.

    - You dont get 100 stacks like the tooltips says, but you can get 99. I want 100 "cough, cough". The tooltip said 100!!!111

    - You dont only get stacks via active combat - like the tooltips says - you also get stacks while running back in, standing around. In other words you always get stacks til you beat a boss.

    - Its possible that people have 99 stacks while other team members have 1 stack that never stacks and remains at one. I dont know what triggers this. My best guess would be a spec reroll, clicking it away, reentering the instance, a wipe, battlerezzes etc. pp. Could be anything and nothing really.

    So yea, something is wrong with the stacks and/or the tooltip.
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    One of many bugs that still exist. Happened to us on Fionn. Wish there was a way to fix it.
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    This had nothing to do with the stacks but when the boss resets but the barrier doesn't you can send a pet into the room to aggro him and reset it(had this happen multiple times last week).

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