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Thread: Instances created on PvP shards

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    Default Instances created on PvP shards

    Can we please for the love of everything holy remove pvp shards from among the available shards where instance is created on (or at least raids).

    The healing bug always creeps in and makes things very annoying to impossible to heal. We had 2 groups getting bloodiron last night and they gave up in the end, and we just got blood iron again tonight. Every time the heal bug appeared ...

    Either remove them from the "list" or give us ability to reset the instance without waiting for 15min+ without anyone inside and hope you won't get it again ...

    Edit: yay so another raid night ruined
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    "Smotpoker's Latent Blaze critically healed Electrah for 29,235"

    Nothing wrong there, right?
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