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Thread: Easy mode buff lost after instance reset?

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    Default Easy mode buff lost after instance reset?

    On thursday, my group went into CoA and tried normal mode for a few hours. Eventually we decided we didn't have the right composition, so dropped to easy mode and killed a few bosses. We were definitely getting the stacking easy mode buff at that time. We ran out of time, so called it a night.

    Tonight we went back in again with a few replacements. The dungeon was in easy mode as expected. We had the 1600 hit buff, and the bosses had the easy mode debuff. But we no longer got the stacking buff from combat. We tried /resetinstances, we zoned out and disbanded and waited 15 minutes, but nothing we did could get the buff back. It led to several hours of frustration as we learned mechanics, but couldn't get to kills that would have been easy with the buff.
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    we had this happen to us today, we had players dc and come back in and the buff wouldnt stack, we all left once it stayed at a single buff then we disbanded reformed and re-entered yet never got the buff to stack up for us again

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