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Thread: Lady Justice bug

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    Exclamation Lady Justice bug

    We already cleared 7/9 MoM and just had Lady Justice HM left. In this crazy farm night Khalim'na was on fire and THE ONLY thing that could stop us was a bug that happened on Lady Justice. It was quite funny tbh. But it could make some progressing guilds very mad!

    You can check it in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgNGY5xFgsY

    We managed to kill the boss without problems on the next try.

    You can also check kill videos of other bosses from that crazy farm night on my Youtube channel or check parses: https://prancingturtle.com/Session/Detail/12167
    We cleared 8/9 MoM in 3h.
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    Juked by LJ! Clearly outplayed, this is a feature!
    My favorite feature was whe she decided to cast one more of those knockback circles after entering phase, and the safe zone was in middle ofcourse XD

    I wanted to report bugs like this but i have been naughty so my forum acc "wasnt working as intended", so i dont bother anymore.

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    Instead of having a good cpu to see the indicators early enough you now need at least 6GHz to see the right location of the void
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    Yeah, we've seen this bug when we were progressing on her still. Was funny the first time but the next time it was just annoying.

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