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    Thanks for listening Vladd.

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    Can we go back to the "Charred Boots" days when you weren't worried about having thousands of plat to upgrade....
    Pls respond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linolea View Post
    So I take it from the silence that all the spit-balling will amount to nothing. Oh wait, there was the slight increase of crift relic drops /woot. Getting the feeling Trion is simply pretending this tier didn't happen, or something. Look over there /point ... new shiny!
    Over the last two weekends our full crift 20-man hasn't seen an imperishable drop. They cut it back again...after buffing it...after cutting it back.
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    So I stopped playing alts because it's too expensive (Higher cost = more time required = less fun) and now, I've stopped upgrading my tank set. I have the marks to make a bunch of upgrades, but I can't upgrade because I need the plat for my dps set.... Sigh...
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    Raiding is expensive because of the ongoing cost of development and the lack of player contribution. The lack of player contribution is because the system doesn't protect the player enough to guarantee equal and prosperous gains for the time put in. It provides too much power to individual players from a decision-making standpoint when acquiring upgrades.

    Removing raid drops will encourage more participation by eliminating the middle man. Allowing currencies to be account bound and upgrade to newer currencies would keep players engage in all tiers of raiding instead of strangled to one character and one tier and several untouchable alternative toons. Simplifying the system to work equally freely and fairly for everyone will stop bleeding out players. Eliminate Tank gear should be considered. Just let them use dps gear to tank. Rune system should be overhauled.. Routine unsocketing upgrading resocketing was already too much.. and then you add in more cost on top of this to make it overly exaggerated.

    It is not just raiders that suffer from these convoluted systems. The developers have shifted over that expenditure of cost into what people considered to be casual parts of the game with even less development focus like PvP and Dimensions. Adding a superfluous gearing system to do the same routine for years makes no sense to players. Especially when considering PvP, gear shouldn't give any edge. Progression and rank should reward you with cosmetic and superficial titles, gear, mounts, dances etc . It would dramatically cut down on freeloading and afkers and encourage people to win.

    At this point it isn't about bringing back players. It is about retaining the ones you have and giving the ones you have the reason to bring new players in, however you make it difficult for the current players to bring new players in because those players are usually too far behind. Most of the ones that left closed the book on Rift because it is nothing close to what it resembled during vanilla.

    Soon the only thing left in the game for players will be clicking a button on your screen to collect welfare from your minions.
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