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    Default Accessing Rhaza'de Canyons on PTS


    The new five man expert dungeon Rhaza'de Canyons is now on PTS and will be available for testing on Monday (unfortunately, an update makes access impossible before then) and so is the all new Primalist calling! Yes, that includes access to instant 65 and raid testing gear. You zone in by going to the physical entrance of the dungeon located at 10325, 5746 in Shal Korva (go down the stairs and find the portal in the chamber below). Shal Korva is located in the Planetouched Wilds which is also now available for testing on the PTS (alpha) server!

    In order to reach this location as a brand new Primalist, you'll need to talk to Fluffy, the Destroyer of Worlds at your starting location as a new character. Then, you'll need to talk to Fluffy 2, The Fluffening which is located just in front of the Porticulum (small werewolves, both of them). You'll want to buy the Instant 65 potion and Teleport to Planetouched Wilds scroll from him. Before you use the teleport scroll though, go ahead and stop by Raidmare Tide located nearby and pick up a box of gear to help you test (warning: get bags before you open the crate).

    We're eagerly awaiting feedback on both rewards and the increased level of challenge offered by this new dungeon. We'd also love to hear your feedback on how it plays as a Primalist.

    Good hunting,


    EDIT: It has come to my attention that an update to one of our systems has unexpectedly interacted with permissions for this dungeon. It will be made available for testing on Monday.
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