We've decided to change the Crucia encounter so you can no longer push phase transitions. The changes should go out with Wednesdays hotfixes.

Sometimes, the community sees things one way and we see them another. We stand by our decision that there was no exploit used in this case, but agree that the method chosen definitely skirted the lines between legit tactics and questionable use of mechanics. As such, we're removing the questionable behavior.

As for the concerns that some came forward in the past and were given conflicting responses on what was legit vs not, we're going to try and clear that up as well. In the past the raid team has heavily relied on feedback in Skype to facilitate testing. We're going to be migrating all feedback for these tests to the forums. Soon we'll be opening up a sub forum under "Public Test Server" where feedback will be reviewed by the developers, and is visible to all.