can something be looked at with the Glacial Maw lag regarding the frozen NPC's before the second half inside the beast? it seems each time one of them renders on my, and my guildies, screen it freezes (no pun intended) the screen for 0.5-1s with a massive spike when rendering the NPC tower before 2nd boss spawns. it seems when you respawn after a death and run back it gives continuous lag spikes until you are past them all.

this is of particular annoyance on the first boss, to the point we now fight it on the side closest to the 2nd boss as its not as much of an issue although becomes cramped. it seems during the "run" phase anyone that gets in range of one of these frozen NPC's enough to render it. their screen freezes and the boss counts that as standing still and starts damaging them... the environment has become a new mechanic which causes your character to stand still so you get hit by lack of movement damage spells.

also while your at it can the crystals have their range adjusted? tieing in with the above, ive had it before where as a tank I run in to grab the mobs that are about to unfreeze when the crystal grabs me and pulls me in. this causes a lot of frozen NPC's to render thus a large lag spike and everyone else, being pulled in (or the healer), gets ganked by the mobs before my screen frees up. we have tried staying at max range with DPS at 35m but even then sometimes they still get pulled in and insta ganked. kind of takes the mick when I cant do anything about it other than hope I unfreeze before the healer dies....

p.s. I know its not my system specs as I have no issues with anywhere else except zone event bosses, and the 2nd half of that dungeon has 0 lag spikes. also since everyone in my guild mentions it everytime we are there I can be safe to say a variety of different PC specs and graphic settings have the same issue.