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Thread: Does anyone still do the old expert dungeons?

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    Default Does anyone still do the old expert dungeons?

    Its been a while since I have played Rift. I wanted to know does anyone still do the old expert dungeons? Are they worth doing aside from the achievements? The last time I played the gear to level up from quests 50+ was way better than the classic expert dungeon drops. I just wanted to know if its still the same.

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    The only reason to do the level 50 dungeons is for the achievements, yes. (And possibly if there's some item in there that you want for your wardrobe, I guess.)

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    Muspel. Where is my siggy?

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    I solo them to get money.

    ...you might be laughing now, but that's pretty much how I got my relic cape (aside of farming Caduceus Rise).
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    Couple hundred k PA exp per run if you aren't capped(with random bonus) lots of blues to vendor.

    Haven't really done them since capping out though.

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    Some of my guildmates do them occasionally. We're a leveling guild with an eye towards raiding when we have more people at level cap. But currently we have quite a few between 50 and 60, we've been doing some of the slivers and other dungeons to work on playing together.

    Fun triviality: Did Cadeus Rise (that's an old 50 expert right? the one in EI? Sorry I wasn't here when 50 was level cap) with 3 people. 2 warriors, me on my bard. 60 tank, 55 tank, 52 bard. Wasn't even remotely a challenge. However, some nice purples came out of it, fitting for salvaging. So much cheaper than crafting purples for the purpose of breaking it down for mats.

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    Guild Quests sometimes ask for 10 runs of Expert this or that. Achivement runs for fluff stuff. Fresh 50 might get some gear out of it that will tide them over until they've done the storyline in Cape Jule or Pelladane for a proper SL set which will massivbely out-stat the gear. Social drops. Sight-seeing and giving tours to the newbies about how it was back in my day...

    In short, very little of use outside of GQuests so it's mostly just for the luls.
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