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Thread: 3 week Bug in Intrepid Hamerknel 2man chron

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    Default 3 week Bug in Intrepid Hamerknel 2man chron

    I've reported this 4 times but it is still here this bug
    in the 2 man intrepid HKchron, there is now a mob bug which makes all the mobs stack in one place
    eg The Dorf Stewards in the first boss dog room
    and he Shades in the final king and son room

    you have all the mobs in the room stacking bugged on 1 mob, so if u aggro him u get about 12 mobs on u instead of 1, the mobs used to roamed about in 1s 2s or 3s, not just stand still in a stack of 12.

    hope this is fixed soon a sit causing a lot of unnecessary death to noob 60s who don't know it, and ppl with aggro pets aggroing 12 instead of 1mob.

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    Yep, and also the teleport/knockback bug that pulls you/pets/mobs into the left hand wall. I mentioned it, bug reported it, even made a thread about it. No1curr
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    Seems to be a weird gravity in there too, using Retreat from Marksman I sometimes get stuck in the air for a few seconds.

    Also when I strafe right and try to shoot something, I cannot.


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    there seems to be a pathing issues for pets, and sometimes pets run off or fly away and never come back.

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