1 or 2 tanks, depending on raid DPS and tank gears. Joloral comes to mind, maybe even 2 tank Hydriss depending on raid.
1 or 2 healers. Tank healer for Jorb, Joloral, and Hydriss. Would need 1 AoE healer on Isskal (prefer Warden for burst and mobile heals). A second tank healer for Joloral and Hydriss trash, maybe AoE healing for Hydriss
Standard affair of support and DPS, whatever the combination to maximise raid DPS.

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For Isskal you don't need a tank, as long as you do the interupts properly. Not sure if you wanna try that in a pug though. :P
I had that once. It was a guild run and I was one of the 2 or 3 PuGged players (I'm guildless, it was someone else's guild). Forgot what I was running. I think Bard or dps, pretty sure I wasn't healing or tanking, but it was fun to experience.

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You are all using one tank... Can you specify the HP of your tanks, since we can't do the second boss with just one. I have 67k, and I can't tank the boss+2 adds alone, since I get smashed even with a puri and chloro on me. Maybe we are low on dps parse, but I would like your opinions. Thanks
I recently PuGged as a tank in a guild run (not a guild that I belonged to. Imagine the balls on them to PuG a tank ). I had 60k HP raid-buffed and single tanked it with a Chloro and Necro. Their DPS was pretty good too, so it was fine.

Still, Joloral is supposed to be 2-tanked. One will tank Joloral full time while the other kites the big adds around to have it eat the small ones. Joloral gains a damage buff for every small add that touches it, so 2-tanking it means that Joloral's damage will never increase.

These days, player DPS is so great that Joloral can be downed before his damage becomes unmanageable, turning Joloral into a soft enrage fight.