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Thread: low level dungeon chloro healing?

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    Default low level dungeon chloro healing?

    I've been having issues ever since getting into Deepstrike Mines with being able to heal effectively; granted my chloro is only level 24 -- I simply was befuddled at how easy Fae and IT were, to then have such difficulty with DSM.

    At lower levels, what should be my spell 'rotation'? Synthesis goes up (of course) then I use radiant spores, try to dot what I can when I'm not having to heal massive tank damage so I reduce the round time on NT... use Ruin mostly for emergencies...

    I just am wondering what I'm doing wrong, if anything! The only healing guides I find are for higher levels; I don't have a majority of the 'oh sheet' spells yet.

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    Unless things have changed with chloro, don't bother with synthesis or lbv until your mid 30s. LGV does a nice job and allows you a few extra points than going the synthesis route on your talent tree. The mage guides can fill you in on the rest.

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