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Thread: Stacking Potions - Duration

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    Default Stacking Potions - Duration

    When raiding, people are using potions and stones. Stones(Whet/Oil/Power) are lasting the whole raid, where potions must be renewed multiple times during raid. This isn't too much of a hassle, except that people forget and raid leaders need to keep up with reminding people and its just annoying.

    Would it be possible to allow someone to drink multiple potions and have their duration stack? Not an additive effect, just drinking a potion adds its duration to any existing buff of the same type. I cant see any way that could be an exploit if the effects were not additive, but it would be awfully convenient.

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    It would be doable, although I can't think of any situations in the game where Debuff or Buff stacks add time additively rather than just overriding. It's possible they would have to add new functionality.

    Is it really that much of a problem though? Have one person get KBM and then they just check before each pull and remind people. If you've got a stable roster everyone's Vials should wear off at the same time so everyone refreshes together.

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    Or just increase the crafting mats required and the duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ymirson View Post
    Or just increase the crafting mats required and the duration.
    Bigger bottles... I like it.
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