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Thread: 10 man hard modes

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    Default 10 man hard modes

    Oki I just am throwing this out there as an idea because my ten man team which I've had for over a year is getting really bored with TDQ. Sure we are all part of 20 man team too, and several of us are 4/4 an 4/5 etc, but our 10 man team is really close, having met IRL, etc.

    Anyway, we just missed those days where we were challenged and felt some really nice progression both in ROTP and PF (compared to TODQ), but even when we finished them our group was kinda bored.

    I understand hardmodes in 20 mans affect relics and such but they wouldn't need to if they were implemented in 10 mans. I just wish our ten man had a challenge after downing TDQ in two weeks of first starting it. I think some hardmode options that maybe just dropped a few additional marks or maybe had a chance to drop an additional piece of loot from its loot table could be some options.

    This I also think would help out small guilds in making sure they always had something to progress on, and mayhaps would be the easiest and fastest way for devs to get content out for them, without small guilds having to wait months for a new tier of raiding.

    TLDR; my ten man team like to progress too, and we wants harder content, just like twenty mans get. hardmodes in ten mans might be a way to do this without generating an entire new raid in that tier.
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    not going to happen i am afraid

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