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Thread: Achievement: Goop There It Is (Empyrean Core)

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    Default Achievement: Goop There It Is (Empyrean Core)

    The achievement says to hit 40 mutants with Gripping Goop.

    What's the easiest way to do this?
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    2 options: Hope the tank gets injected alot, or stack the group with aggro drops(multiple tempests work)

    Then just stand near the tank so the mutants(which are stacked on him) get hit with the purple goop.

    Its 40 total, before you kill him, not 40 in one single goop shot. Oh, and try not to kill the big mutants so you can hit them over and over.
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    It doesn't really specify in the achievement, but you also have to defeat the boss after you hit 40 mutants with the purple ground AoE. This means you have to either count or overachieve.

    Best way to do it is to stack(so that purple aoe is always on the group) and spam heals. The group can also move out of the purple aoe as long as the mutants get hit. I have only tanked this though with a chloro healer. Good luck with the achievement
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    There's a good chance the boss will enrage by the time you get to 40, so make sure not to get hit by the purple stuff or the breath.

    used to be 99 mutants, 20-minute achievement... good god was that awful

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