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    So been running a lot of low level dungeons and very curious as to why i dont see every character in a dungeon below level 30 rolling with a pet.

    Most build pre 30 shouldnt really need to spend points amongst 3 souls and most the community believes you should have 61 points in 1 soul which is a different arguement all together.

    So why in the world would anybody ever roll without a pet. Even the druid pet is extremely useful in my healer role helping top people off or giving me that extra few secs to save a life.

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    During your leveling you have more soul points than what you can spend in a single soul, or the next important thing in your main soul is too high in the tree for your current level, hence you will make a hybrid spec. At some point you will reset the points to distribute them in a different way. Globally, this explains why it's better to go for hybrid specs during your leveling.

    As to why the community believes specs with 61 points in your main soul are generally better, for what I know it is Trion's will that you need to reach 61 points to get the best of a soul, hybrid specs being - generally speaking again - less powerful, when you have your 76 points available.

    On the topic of people not using a pet, well, that's another story, which might be explained by the fear that it may complicate the gameplay (which is untrue, unless you are in those special cases where a pet can die if not taken care of, or is targeted by an aoe making it almost unpredictable)

    In your case you are totally right to use the healer pet from the druid when you go solo, but then in dungeon you may prefer to use it only when the healer is a tad too low level, as in a support role. If your healer is ok go full dps.

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    You are making things much more difficult for your group if you are the healer and you are using a Druid role. Try one of the Healing souls. You have the ability to make multiple builds so don't just stick with what you use to solo with.
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