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Thread: Necrotic Throne's Apex of Decay

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    Default Necrotic Throne's Apex of Decay

    I could have sworn that this ability had a purple tether-like line to the player it was targeting, so they knew to step back from the group. Lately though I've noticed that groups have been wiping out of nowhere when one of the purple circles spawn; it seems a matter of luck that it doesn't target the person who is the first in the group stacked up. I later noticed during a failed attempt (running around just for the heck of it) that you get a faint purple sparky glow to you when a circle is targeting you, but stacked up it's almost impossible to notice, and I wasn't noticing any kind of debuff or any emote saying who was targeted.

    Is this a bug or just a subtle way of forcing groups to not stack by the column where you can avoid all of the green waves? 9/10 times it's not an issue at all, but the past few days have been just random wipes presumably because its targeting the person who is a pixel or two out in front, and hitting them (and therefore exploding) instead of being soaked.
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    I'm pretty sure whoever is targeted by the purple circles gets a debuff you can see in raid frames. It's a blue looking type of debuff.

    The only issue I've had on that fight the past 4 or 5 times I've done it is sometimes people stay stacked when they have the debuff. Normally this isn't an issue as me or another competent party member runs out and soaks damage. But once or twice the purple has spawned almost right on the party and it's been a wipe.

    Staying stacked and having 1 person slightly out in front seems like pushing your luck and hoping for no bad rng in order to finish the fight rather than effectively managing the mechanic.

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