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Thread: Random thread of randomness

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    Default Random thread of randomness

    as requested by sculti

    Quote Originally Posted by sculti View Post
    could we PLEASE get a thread where people can discuss whatever they wanna discuss

    there seems to be demand for a thread like that

    just look at the dungeons+raids forum, theres plenty of people who bomb ANY thread where they still can start a discussion until it gets closed

    just create a sticky thread where people actually can discuss whats an exploit, who killed gsb first, if fishbotting is exploiting and NQ in general

    Chat away!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gile View Post
    You think NQ was so bad for this game you should look at the Filth who runs the game you all are so balls deep in.
    So one last time.
    Go F U C K yourselves.
    From the Leadership of NQ

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    So... Who got world first LGS again?

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    LGS wf surely was an exploit!!!

    and eveyone doesn't think so should stop playing rift and go back to hello kitty online.

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