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Thread: Need help! Pet class for Raiding/Dungeoning

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    Default Need help! Pet class for Raiding/Dungeoning

    Hey guys I've been looking into getting into raiding and running dungeons lately and recently noticed that using your pet to tank is a viable way to do this. Which class do you think has the strongest tanking pet to do this? Beast Master, Ranger, Necrolist and Druid.

    Also I'm not certain but what would the best gear be to do this? Does tanking gear increase your pets survivability or should i just get Power type of gear? I'm going to start off running dungeons, so whats a good starting point for that? and which specific dungeons that are best done when tanking with a pet? After the dungeons I'll hopefully be able to move on raids, which one you guys think i should do first?

    Also what raid rifts and great hunts should I be doing for this build? I heard there was a lesser that increases my pets Power and one that also healed my pet when i attacked things?

    Thanks for your help guys! Keep an eye on me, I'll be sure to be looking for a suitable guild when ready. Hopefully in not to long I'll be able to tank Regulos with one of these builds with the best of them!

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    Hi everyone,

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