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Thread: Itemization/gear upgrade path kinda sucks

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    Default Itemization/gear upgrade path kinda sucks

    Got to say this. We're raiding the 10 man and we have people passing on upgrades because they break the set bonus.

    The problem is that we have 7 slots. 2 of which we get crafted items that are pretty much BiS, or close (helm and belt). Chest you can't upgrade with dungeon marks, and the planar version is mediocre (at least for mages). Which really leaves 4 slots for the set bonus, 3 you can upgrade with dungeon marks, the 4th an epic planar piece.

    And then we go to the 10 man, and everything that drops until the last boss is boots or shoulders, which break our set bonus. It's pretty disheartening quite frankly. And to make things even better, we'll have to lose our dungeon 4th set bonus before we have 4 pieces of the raid gear set now (of course it's going to take weeks to get a piece so I guess I'm not there yet).

    So... I don't know what to do. Is everyone else passing on stuff or just not bothering with the 4 set bonus? (I got all epics except chest). Rift's like the only game where you're annoyed when an upgrade drops...

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    I left the 4 piece expert bonus, but have now a raid drop chest and waiting now to get my second raid gear-set piece to swap my expert mark chest against the new one.
    Btw use this gear to get dreaming stars if people don`t want them, because of stats or not to break their set bonus.

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    I know the feeling. It continues on into the 20man.

    People only want weapons, neck and trinkets.

    The only class who get a worthy upgrade over crafting and expert gear each tier are tanks due to armour count.

    Take me (a mage) as an example:

    BiS crafted helm (wont be replaced until t2 raids)

    Hunt Prime Cloak (was hoping this would be replaced by end boss cloaks but Crucia cloak for mages has spell crit so is total balls).

    Desolate Shoulders

    Raid Drop chest*

    Desolate gloves

    Bis crafted belt (wont be replaced until t2 raids)

    Desolate legs

    Desolate Boots

    10man Epic staff

    Kolmasveli's wand

    10man Neck

    Raid drop trinket?*

    2x BiS crafted rings (won't be replaced until t2 raids).

    So aside from the raid marks (i only have one desolate piece) im only missing the * items. Also im assuming there is a trinket better than Touch of the Storm Queen. My wand was fr twins in FT so that included before i even stepped in a 20man there were only 3 long term upgrades to be had.

    As much as i love crafting i think the craft items need a hefty nerf so raid drops/mark items are better which will allow for a lot more choice and viability of raid armor drops.

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    I wish when you upgraded the piece of tier gear with the relic token it gave you three options: Spell/Attack Power, Spell/Phys Crit, or Crit Power. Could do the same with tanking gear, but everyone would just pick the block one.

    At least that way all the gear wouldn't be so boring.
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    WTB Reforging or Socketing or both

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