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Thread: Queing Specific Dungeons: Switching-no choice and a penalty

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    Default Queing Specific Dungeons: Switching-no choice and a penalty

    A couple adjustments need to be made to the "Looking for Group" module that revolves around picking a specific dungeons for a random group.

    #1 Need to add a "Vote" feature to allow the group to vote 3/5 in order for the leader of the random group to switch the entire group to another instance

    #2 If #1 is successful, allow the people who voted NO the option to go with the group or go back in the Looking for Group que immediately WITHOUT penalty.

    Currently, if you "Hard Que" for a specific dungeon and are put in a random group you have no rights.
    If your group decides to leave and go to a different instance before completing the one you hard qued for, you either have to go with them or suffer a 30 minute penalty for leaving group.
    *no vote no choice. you either have to leave the dungeon or suffer a penalty.

    I can understand if you chose Random group and random dungeon, but you HARD Qued for that dungeon and you are the one that suffers if your group does not like the dungeon choice.

    I doubt that this post will make a difference, but this is very frustrating at the moment.
    Please let me know if I'm missing something i should be doing in game to avoid the 30 minute penalty if my hard qued party wants to abandon the instance and I pay for it with no choice and a 30 minute penalty.
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    Default goodbye your 1 specific que too

    #3 and MOST IMPORTANT! If you hard que and your group switches ... say goodbye to your 1 per day hard que! RIFT will LOCK you out and you have to wait until the next day to try again and have your party do the same thing to you. This is the hardest pill to swallow. you picked that dungeon, you did NOT want to leave but yet rift forces you to and takes your 1 hard que for the day and wont let you even get in a group for 30 minutes ...
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    Tell your group that if they don't plan on finishing or are wanting to switch to vote kick you before the first boss dies. You won't get a lock or deserter. And then you can specific que for what you want.
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