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Thread: Where to find up-to-date infomation on Storm Legion RAIDs

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    Default Where to find up-to-date infomation on Storm Legion RAIDs

    Hi All,

    I am struggling to find up-to-date information on the new RAIDs (& Slivers).
    The infomation i am after is:: basic progression path; which one to start first, do you complete all bossess or switch between 2 or more RAIDs.
    And....Where are the entrances to get into the RAID.

    An example of an out-dated site is below::


    Where to find up-to-date infomation on Storm Legion RAIDs-sl_raids.jpg

    Many thanks
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    There isn't a full on website that is 100% up to date right now. There are currently 3 raids in the game, the 10 player sliver "Triumph of the Dragon Queen", and the two 20 player raids, "Frozen Tempest" and "Endless Eclipse". They are all the same tier of raid content so it shouldn't matter where you start, but if you want walk-throughs, videos, strategies, etc, then start with either "Frozen Tempest" or "Triumph of the Dragon Queen". Since "Endless Eclipse" *just* came out with 2.1, the people who have been in there are keeping their strategies to themselves(as they should), so you won't really find any information on anything in there.
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