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Thread: RaidLock: Episode 4 (name not suitable for forums)

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    Default RaidLock: Episode 4 (name not suitable for forums)

    Episode 4 of Raid Lock is running a bit late, we will be going live soon...ish. The main topic is going to be SL raiding, the race for "firsts" and warrior tanking/dps. Primalthirst is with us as well as a guest.

    Stay tuned at twitch.tv/raidlockrift for when we go live, or look for the audio/video after it has been recorded.

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    I wanted to thank you for posting this.

    It was good to hear the thoughts of people who are working on it.

    I was especially impressed by Primal's insight on incoming healing making tanks effectively easier to heal. Its an important point and may go a long way to addressing some of the issues.

    If a warrior is 10% behind in mitigation, and takes 10% less healing, that's close to 20% behind from the healers perspective. A 10% added healing bonus should probably be in each Warrior tree at the 40-45pt level so that any tank build would likely get the bonus. Similarly, the Riftstalker talent should get boosted to +10%.
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