I couldnt find another post on this, but if there is, sorry for a duplicate!

We have noticed a possible bug (maybe it's intended, I dunno, but it seems rather silly) with Warboss Drak and combat rez's. If we have a raid wipe, and someone still has a pending rez, the wall will not despawn. If the person takes the rez, they are killed instantly, but the wall doesn't go away.

I had a couple instances of this in the last few times we have gone into ID. I have a pending rez, but the raid is dead before I can take it and get back in the fight. So I took it, thinking I'd be far enough back to not get agro, but died instantly. So I respawned, but the wall still never went away. We ended up having to re-set the instance in order to fix this as we could not get back to the encounter area.

The next time it happened to me, I got the rez just seconds before a wipe. So, knowing what happened last time i took the rez at this point, I waited to see if the wall went away since everyone was dead. The wall did not disappear until i declined the rez.

Is anyone else having this issue?