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Thread: Toughness/Hit/Focus question

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    Default Toughness/Hit/Focus question

    Okay, so I started playing Rift again about a month ago after a long break (soon to be level 50).

    But I was wondering about the requirements for the expert dungeons and raids (I'm a cleric). I read on the wikis that you need Strenght to tank experts and raids, but the chain armor doesn't really provide strenght.

    What are the requirements? All these wikis seem kind of outdated. Also, most of the Cleric armor seem to only give Focus (which is needed for healing/DPS, right?), but I'm... Well, it all just confuses me a great deal.

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    if you mouse over the toughness in ur character screen it will tell you what is needed for each tier, I dont remember exactly, but ill give it a try 50 for t1 fiveman, 100 for t2 and t1 raid, 150 or 200 for t2 raid, 250 for t3 raid. what i have noticed is tanks, i am a rogue tank, dont use the toughness to chest enchant or the planar lens if they have the toughness gear pieces for that particular tier.

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    The article is a bit dated but the values are still pretty much in line.

    PvP Gamer Toughness Article

    The summary of which is as cubao described. One new thing I noticed was the addition of a T3 with 320 toughness.

    Also, if you're a cleric and you wish to tank, then your stat priorities will be End > Wis since Wisdom contributes to block. Following that Intelligence adds to Dodge and Parry.

    Also look up Radak's Justicar Tank Guide in the Cleric Guides section. Lots of really good stuff in there.
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