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Thread: Leader boards - 5 man, pure random.

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    Default Leader boards - 5 man, pure random.

    Watching guild chat over the last week, leader boards in ID guilds seems to be having the effect of stopping the raiders queing for 5 mans in anything other than 5 man packs.

    Perhaps a pure random leader board for 5 mans could be added? Where you have to of qued solo for the expert ,could be an option? This would create ID players happy to que solo for experts.

    Sure every que is a gamble, however, the current question is, with out this solo expert leader board, will the lesser geared players be left with out the alpha players more and more?

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    Actually having ID marks come from experts is more the root cause of raid geared ppl not carrying pugs thru experts

    Its not like new players even need the alpha players anymore as you can just walk thru experts and eventually get ID gear anyway
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