Has anyone else as a rogue been in HK chronicle since the patch . I'm not one to moan , usually I just get on with it , every change , just carry on , but this is silly .

The stealth detecton sound is ott , I never stealth in there , there is no need but the mobs still do that "whistle" so now before you get near em its "whistle , then fight "whistle""whistle""whistle""whistle""whistle""whis tle""whistle""whistle""whistle""whistle" finish fight . Next fight then it starts all over again.

From Murdantix , go down the stairs and fight the first 3 mobs at the bottom near the back wall and its "whistling" all over again , you think hmm , not fighting any ghosts , then realise your agro range goes through the wall and the ghost delvers are at it again , then you have it all over again when you turn the corner .

Very annoying , I thought the stealth detection should only kick in when you are stealthed .

So go have a go and honestly , it sounds like you are fighting a cage full of parrots :P