Hail ascended!

With the release of RIFT 1.8 next week our newest 20-man raid, Infernal Dawn, will make its world-wide debut. At last the rage of Maelforge and Laethys will be unleashed upon Telara – all hope will burn if you fail to contain their fury!

Infernal Dawn’s roll-out will work a bit differently than when we released Hammerknell – for one thing, you don’t have to wait until the end of the World Event, the first round of bosses will be unlocked the minute shards come up after the update. After which, we’ll continue to unlock new encounters within the zone as players progress and are ready for new challenges!

As raiders ourselves, many of us know that it’s easy to get wrapped up in the rush and excitement of new content – but it’s important to us that raiding doesn’t become a burden to you or your friends. Staggering the release of the encounters helps make your experience fresh and fun while keeping it competitive for everyone.

No doubt you want specifics about which bosses & when – Not to worry! We’ll give as much warning as possible when announcing each new release to give you plenty of time to prepare, for now rest up and get ready!

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