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    Default PLEASE READ - Important Changes Coming to Queued Quest Rewards in 1.8!

    Hi everyone,

    We’re changing around the way that Queued Quest Rewards work and wanted to take a few minutes to explain how this impacts you!

    First off –

    You might be asking “what in the ward is a Queued Quest Reward?” Good question! It’s the general term for any quest that leaves the diamond shaped loot icon at the top of your screen. Most likely you’ve noticed it when completing dungeons.

    So what are we changing?

    We’re adding a maximum number of pending Queued Quest Rewards to prevent stockpiling rewards and XP for future content. This means that if you have any Queued Quest Rewards that you’re saving we highly encourage turning them in before 1.8 Arrives.

    We strongly recommend claiming all Queued Quest Rewards at this time – you may lose the rewards if you have excess turn-ins when 1.8 is released! Be sure to get any XP, marks, and money as Customer Support will be unable to restore the lost rewards for you.

    This change reflects similar limits used by other systems (like rift loot) and ultimately will save us all some frustration down the road – thanks for bearing with us!

    In that same light – we’re also making some changes to how Queued Quest Rewards behave to make it more convenient and ensure you don’t miss out on the rewards they offer:
    • Cash and XP only rewards will pay out automatically as soon as you complete the quest. However, you’ll still have to manually redeem Queued Quest Rewards requiring you to choose a reward. (This will not be retroactive, you still need to loot outstanding quests before 1.8!)
    • You’ll be notified when you’re getting close to the maximum number of pending turn-ins.
    • You’ll always have access to the most recent Queued Quest Rewards with the oldest being replaced when you exceed the cap.

    This is just one small change in Update 1.8 and there's a lot more to be excited for with new features and content just around the corner!

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