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Thread: Which Practice Dummy?

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    Default Which Practice Dummy?

    I've noticed that people tend to differ in which dummy they practice on.
    Some people practice/parse on the Boss Practice Dummy, and others practice/parse on the Elite Practice Dummy.

    I've noticed that I do less dps on the Elite Practice Dummy. Can I assume that this dummy is 'closer' to HK-level armor/magic reduction and that most raiders use the Elite Practice Dummy?

    When someone asks for your dummy parse, do they mean your Elite Practice Dummy parse or your Boss Practice Dummy parse?
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    If it's ever AoE testing (like for sab) I'd go with the elites as there are 3 in a row. I think there's only one boss practise dummy so that narrows it down a bit.

    Maybe you just need to do both :s.

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    I'm pretty sure there is no difference between the dummies as far as damage/resists go. The main difference is the health. If you do more damage than the health the dummy has (possible on a normal dummy), then it's overkill damage and it most likely won't count on a parse.

    I usually pick an elite dummy to practice on and turn on the show all debuffs. Since it seems a lot of people tend to randomly run up to the boss dummy and toss on all sorts of debuffs that will skew your parse.
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