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Thread: LFG queues

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    Default LFG queues

    I am leveling up doing instances. But the LFG queue is quite long, even as a tank or healer.

    So, who has the shortest queues? Tanks, healers, dps or support? Defiant or Guardian?

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    1. Tanks
    2. Healer
    3. Support
    4. DPS

    Queue times in that order. Faction wise I doubt that has any difference. Just matters on the amount of people that around your level on each server, and/or time that your queueing (Late hours are slow all around). If its slow then just stay in queue & knock out some quests to level you up, or ask a guildy for a quick run through enough to get outta that level range. Once you hit 50, queue times for tank are instant & heals times is only a couple of minutes. DPS is perty redikulusly long, just keep yourself busy with other things while you wait if your a dps.
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    Well the real problem is just that LFG queues can be very long while leveling no matter what role you are, though tank usually gets a pretty quick pop. While leveling it is best to just hop in the queue and go quest. Let dungeons be that nice surprise that pops up at totally random times and breaks up the questing monotony. The leveling process is so fast, and so easy that people usually don't spend more than a day in a particular level range.

    It sucks, but it's just the nature of the game. They made leveling up really fast, which is nice, but it means that the lower level zone's and dungeons are ghost towns most of the time. Just burn through it and get to 50. Dungeon queues are much better.
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    From my experience levelling my alt Cleric in Jan/Feb and queuing for all roles, Healing was by far the fastest, followed by Tanking then the rest.

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    at 48+ on the mage, I get support a lot more often than healing. Same for the rogue I'm queu'ing with, who's getting damage/support as often than tank.

    But I think 48 dungeons also have quite a different population. Since it's last place before the "serious group endgame" starts, you certainly get a lot of people who try out their tanking/healing before heading over to their first experts on those roles.

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