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Thread: *facepalm*

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    Default *facepalm*

    My guild's MT (we're a small group) left for another game right as Ember Isle and CR were released. We pretty much gave up on dungeons since we had to PUG a tank, and as such hadn't touched CR. I finally decided to broaden my perspective and create a tanking role for my rogue, as well as level an alt warrior tank.

    Last week, with the return of an old guildie, another fairly fresh 50, and two others from our groups, and me broadening my horizons, we finally got into CR. We ran the normal version a few times and facerolled the whole thing. So, finally, we pop Lower xCR.

    Wow. That's pretty refreshing. I might be alone in this, but I'm loving learning the mechanics. That being said, it wasn't some pretty, pretty princess roll through, get the achieve and move on. As a matter of fact, first time through, we didn't even clear all the bosses, and I did a fair amount of slamming my head against the wall. However, last night we popped it again and managed to get through all the bosses.

    Which brings me to the point (and the reasons we didn't make it through the first time) when you're not epically geared there are a few things you should keep in mind:
    1) Sometimes you have to forego DPS for extra heals.
    2) Mechanics matter.
    3) It's fun learning a new dungeon with your friends.

    Next on our list: Upper xCR.

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    daaaamn your on upper CR already? my and my friends are stuck on CC, cant get past cyclorax, he is to hard, plz nerf

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