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Thread: Beruhast oddness

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    Default Beruhast oddness

    Firstly Im really glad they fixed the exploit on him. It completely trivialised the fight and needed to be sorted.

    Our guild has never used the exploit, before anyone pipes up with that and we have had him on farm for a couple of months, but last night after the patch we had a few wipes where we never normally do and I wondered if something had changed.

    It may have just been lag as the eu server we are on was producing some quite nice lag spikes for all of us but, just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar as of the patch.

    Usual tactics but sometimes the meteor (orange bubble) was wiping people even though everyone bar the tank was stacked in it.

    Like I say was prolly just lag but I dunno. This WAS NOT a progression run for us as I said we get this boss every week the proper way no issues at all (pulling about 14k dps, cleanising,avoiding fire, bard offtank add to be killed, stacking in orange bubble, interupting; usual tactics you get the idea) just something wasnt quite right last night.

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    lag was really high yesterday (brutmutter germany here) we wiped a lot on beruhast yesterday, inferno came through a lot cause disrupt often lagged more then 1s.

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    A group of us did him yesterday without problems (eu server as well). I was not with them but I did not hear anything of a change. So yes - maybe lag as you say.

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