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Thread: Zilas Achievement, "Wait, What?"

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    Default Zilas Achievement, "Wait, What?"

    We tried to do this achievement, had 4 imps cast cede spirit between 100-30%, one at 29% and another one randomly went off from 29-15% and we killed him with 6 stacks of demonic presence, we didn't get the achievement. what went wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Read the achievement:

    Defeat Soulrender Zilas while affected by five or more stacks of Demonic Presence after five Escaped Imps have cast Cede Spirit on him after he has reached 30% health at least once.
    "after he has reached 30% health"
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    Best way to do this is bring zilas to 5-10%, and let 1 imp cede then kill, and repeat therefore you know that its been 5 different imps...then bring him to 5% and get the butchers stack up

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    1. Get him below 30%
    2. THEN let 5 DIFFERENT imps heal him
    3. Then kill him with at least 5 butchers still alive

    It's best if you can keep him as low as reasonably possible during step 2, as it's a pain trying to burn him down and keep on top of any mages that get through when you're doing 50% reduced damage.

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