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Thread: Hammerknell Chronicle question

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    Default Hammerknell Chronicle question

    So, I've only started doing chronicles (which I live btw - I'd love to see more 1-4 person stuff like this).

    In the Hammerknell one - I noticed areas behind the drakes and on the other side that are blocked by doors. Use of camera angles allows you to see that there is indeed content behind these doors. Is this because:

    1) There is content and I just don't know how to access it

    2) They reused the main Hammerknell models and just blocked off content with fake doors

    3) There is an expert mode or something?

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    I would say that they just reused the original coding and added the doors. There really wouldn't be any point in them redoing it all when it was already there waiting to just be copied and changed a little bit.

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    It's 2, They just used the Hammerknell (as you would expect) instance model then blocked off the passages down further through the other wings, same with the door behind where Molinar and Dollin stand; they eventually lead to other bosses, but in the chronicle you're not missing anything.

    There is speculation that these other bosses will be released in later chronicles to further expand the HK lore, but for now you're limited to Murdantix, the Drakes and RKM.

    Hope that clears things up
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