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Thread: Question on expert dungeon random rewards

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    Default Question on expert dungeon random rewards

    Is there a reason to do experts when you're not getting the random rewards? I'm running experts to get marks of ascension to buy gear but if I'm not getting the marks then there is no reason to run them, right? Any other ways to get them? Thanks for info.

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    You have a couple of choices here. If you need the Marks for the T1 vendor, then yes there would be a reason to run them, each boss drops some. However, if you are only there for the T2 marks then no there is no reason to run them past the daily.

    For example, Im fully HK relic geared. I run the daily just for the extra T3 marks. Yeah I think im going to buy a full rogue dps set, seeing that my tank spec is all relics, and I already have the warrior dps set.

    However, I also do the daily to help out people. I know when I join a group as DPS or (more so) a tank that I can help to carry the group. Normally I join as a dps, so I can help kill things quicker, but if the tank is struggling I will offer to tank and suddenly the instance goes quite a bit smoother.

    Just so you know you can buy exp crystals with the T1 marks which helps a ton with planar attunement.

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    You're such a good bloke Thug!

    If you do not need any of the dungeon gear, and you do not need Plaques of Achievement then there is little reason to do experts.

    Onslaughts give better experience for Planar Attunement and Raid Rifts/Master Modes/Raids give better gear.

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