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Thread: Any advice on Caduceus Master Mode (final boss) ?

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    Default Any advice on Caduceus Master Mode (final boss) ?

    So, we've now managed to get quite comfortable with all the bosses in Caduceus Master Mode and get to Caduceus himself without too much hassle. But so far, we're hitting a wall here: either we're too short on heals and the adds phases get us, or we're too short on dps and we barely scratch Caduceus as the adds keep popping on us.

    Is there anything stratworthy we're missing there ? For instance, in what order do you handle the adds ? And what about positioning ? We try to keep as centered as possible to kill wisps asap, but it still takes a lot of time. Any ideas ?

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    Bring along your friendly neighborhood inquisicar.

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    Inquisicars help a ton on this fight.
    Also, look to have at least one or two people take care of those floating wisps after you've taken down the small stone golems. The large one can be taken care of later.

    So, first do the small golem adds that, when killed, will have Caduceus go back to attacking the tank. Then have 1-2 people, or all three if your dps isn't that stellar to take down the wisps asap.

    As per the normal fight, make sure your healer is cleansing everyone when they get the dots debuff, and have an inquisicar as a support healer changing between Mien of Aggression and Mien of Honor as required (Honor probably when the wisps come out to get better DoLs and keep the raid alive.

    Of course, the better geared your group is, the easier it is to ignore certain mechanics. Personally when I go into a group for Master Mode Caduceus Rise, we still dps the wisps down whether our heals can heal through it or not.

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    Actually I'd advise a slightly differant strategy especially if you're dps is on the lower side.

    Phase 1: Progress normally. Cleansing the dots ect.
    Phase 2: Tank: grabs the rock adds, 4 small 1 large. DPS: Focus and kill wisps. Then move to the rock adds. If you're still worried about dps focus the large add first and then the small ones. Otherwise ae them all.
    -Return to Phase 1-

    The reason this works better is more evident when you understand the mechanics.
    1) The wisps now AE the party and taking them out first reduces the stress on the healers
    2) The Large Rock Elem reduces the dmg that Cad takes while alive.
    3) Cad remains inactive at the side of the room until the 4 small rock adds are downed. And which time he re-enters Phase 1 mode.

    By killing the wisps and optionally the large rock elem before killing the small rock adds (which push him back into phase 1), you are effectively maximizing your dps time on Cad during Phase 1.

    Hope this helps. -cheers-

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    My advice is to never ever run MMCR ever again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gyle View Post
    My advice is to never ever run MMCR ever again.
    I second that notion! I require begging, groveling and bribes to get me to do mmCR.

    Its just not fun. In fact, I think mmCR is anti-fun.

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