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Thread: Trinkets for ID?

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    Default Trinkets for ID?

    I don't expect anyone on the testing to have seen any loot (and not that they could say even if they did) but has Trion said anything about fixing the continual problem of trinkets?

    HK trinkets were a joke. There was 1 awesome AP and 1 awesome SP trinket, the rest were beyond crap and still are even following a slight damage buff..

    Remember how awesome The Cold Heart was when DH was first released? It was op for an entry level 10 man but before it was nerfed it would have been a good alternative trinket in HK. As it is all rogues and warrior dps are fighting over 1 trinket and the same for mages and clerics - the Abyssal Mark of Power is viewed by many as more of an upgrade than a relic...
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    Speaking about Golem inductor ... We never see it drop, never. And we kill Garau for months now :/

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