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Thread: T1/T2 Dungeon Gear

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    Default T1/T2 Dungeon Gear

    What exactly happened with T1/T2 dungeon gear after the merge? I'm a bit confused with it.

    I've got "Antiquated" or whatever pieces, which seem to be unchanged, and upon seeing that item drop again, it has the normal name, but with T2 stats. However, T2 items seem to have been buffed as well. (right?)

    So if I'm understanding this...T1 gear got buffed to T2 level, T2 gear got buffed to close-to-T1r level, while any T1 items you had previously went unchanged stat-wise? Maybe I just missed something, but I'm completely lost here.

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    Not entirely sure what happened but today I bought 2 tier 1 peices and some blue AH gear and have 97 focus/toughness. It seems the gear was boosted as the armor values were on par with some of my t2 pvp gear. IIRC they used to be lower.
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    Yeah, 1.7 brought in new itemization, which boosted stats. Old dungeon gear now has Antiquated on, which means the newer version will be a little better. Just grind some dungeons and replace Or dont, you'll likely not notice much difference anyways.
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