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Thread: Faster for leveling using LFG? Tank or Healer?

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    Default Faster for leveling using LFG? Tank or Healer?

    Healer or Tank? Im sick of questing and just rerolled to guardian side. Just wondering if healers or tanks get faster queues?

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    Either will put you on a very short waiting list at 50.

    Leveling it's more random than that... you can queue as tank but if there's only four people queuing for that dungeon, you're still screwed.

    But yeah either one is a good idea.
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    AOE farming is probably the most efficient. For instance when you get to about 18, go up on top of the hill in Gloamwood just as you enter to the left where the ghosts are by the cabin. Run around in a circle grabbing 4 at a time and kill them. Then grab 4 more . . . repeat until level 21 and then go down by the river where the shambles and hybrid snake-man-fish things are... repeast until about 24. Find a new area...

    If you do AOE farming between dungeon queues it's really fast, and a little more entertaining. Plus your gear doesn't get crazy behind.

    As to the original question, tanks are faster. It's even better if you level with someone and one of you is a tank and one is a healer. Generally it's under 10 seconds a queue.

    P.S. if you have a higher level player kill the stuff you tag, but you aren't in a group, you can do this really really fast. Like on the gloamwood hill you can literally run in the circle, tag everything with instants and have a level 50 friend follow behind you and one shot everything so you get full XP but they all die in 2 hits.

    P.P.S. Remember your XP vials
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