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Thread: Expert dungeons past 1.7

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    Default Expert dungeons past 1.7

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the removal of phases and other mobs in t2s?

    Most boss fights past 1.7 feels so uncomplicated that you can faceroll them. I'm not sure if it's the decline in dps, but a lot of bosses seems to have had their hp upped and tactics limited. This is just drawing out a fight which is lacking game mechanics.

    I know that Trionworlds want to make it easier for new players to get in, but when the game get's less complicated, new players will not learn and I'm concerned something similar to wotlk in wow.

    Last time I got in to a random t2, our rogue tank used the first sigil you acquire at level ~10. The one with 2 lesser ones. In there he had a level 11 one and a level 28 one. In addition he had about 7500-7700 hp which caused wipes close to every pull. I know this is only gear related but he could at least have gone some normals to clear out most of his greens.

    I know I sound kind of "Elitist" but I don't want rift dummed down

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    You have a vote to kick button for a reason, you should probably have explained to this rogue he could do with gearing up a tad before running experts, point him in the way of chronicles/normals/L48-50 zones and politely suggest he leaves the party, does these and then comes back into T2s when his gear has gone up a bit, if he refuses use the button.

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