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Thread: Caduceus Rise: MasterMode

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    Default Caduceus Rise: MasterMode

    Looking for any tips we have gotten down 7 bosses what we have left is:

    Faultwalker Alraj

    Coalgut for example does "Burning Lungs" if you cleanse the person instantly dies, when it ticks down to 0 it does like 14k damage, tried have all hots and a 40% damage reduction on the person with it and they still died. How can you get rid of that without killing the person.

    Faultwalker: stacks go up so fast then he just one shots everyone.

    Cinderstorm: shoots a fireball to the face one or two targets at a time and there one shoted.

    Any tips with this would be appreciated.

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    Whoever gets the debuff from blood lungs everyone needs to stack on him then cleanse.
    Cinderstorm when he emotes everyone needs to Los somewhere where they can't see the other person.

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    For Coalgut:
    We didn't actually bother finding out the mechanic (Facerolled through it), but if I had to assume you get rid of Burning Lungs by either simply standing in one of the ice crystals' bubbles, or by standing in the bubble and then killing the crystal.

    Pure luck for this one, really. Or incredibly uberballer healers (AE Chloro+2 icars or maybe a 51 warden).

    Again, we face rolled it. You're supposed to spread out (One person to each window), but it seems buggy and doesn't really work. I might have missed something, though.

    Kill big add first, bring two good raid healers.
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    For Cinderstorm it's important to not be in LoS of the other players and the boss.
    So each player at one window and hiding so you can't see the others (the guy standing in the door can see the guy standing in the first window if it's the wrong side).
    The rotating fire stuff does 4k dmg + snares for 10seconds or something.
    Or.. was cinderstorm the huge fire elemental? Not sure... there it's important to not stand between the boss and his small adds or you get killed (everyone except tank should be ranged to simlify things).

    Faultwalker is kinda annoying.
    His blast removes the stack of one color (spirit = blueish, blood = red, will = green) and does damage which scales with stacks.
    The DoT ticks three times scaling with each stack of the three attributes. So it's important to have all stacks about even and as low as possible, easiest solution is to always move into the color which is highest.
    Either get enough DPS to burn him down before the stacks are too high, or get enough AoE-heal to last a couple more AoEs. It's a ST-DPS / AoE-HPS check.

    Coalgut is rather easy. One DPS to bring the crystals to a low level, kite boss into crystal when he is slowed, kill crystal.
    Stand ontop of each other and cleanse blood lungs.

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    Didn't realize the coalgut mechanic - we actually had no one in a spec that could cleanse and just facerolled thru it anyway.

    Cinderstorm, ya, pick a window. Person in the door has to successfully find the right side of the door to LoS with (ours didn't).

    Alraj is bugged and/or overtuned currently. Seems like the only people downing it so far are overgeared for the instance. We were, and still needed like 15 attempts.

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    coalgut 4 dps and 1 tank. with warrior mitigation plus full heal they should do just fine.

    faultwalker dps him down before the 2nd (or was it third) will. having 0 stacks of the green debuff doesn't seem to help at all.

    cinder, if you are in the door/first window watch your placement! also don't push him over 25% till right after a cinderstorm (could be 30-40% depending on your dps but remember the dps check phase starts at 25%, so might want to stop dps at 30% or so if your dps is kinda on the low side), otherwise you will get stuck in the middle and probably cinderstormed.

    cad seemed mostly the same, just has a very big add and the wisps do a lot more damage.

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    Faultwalker was the only issue we have. Seems kinda overtuned for even the hard dungeon. We were doing it a little bit overgear'd and still had some problematic issues with it. For the gear appropriate groups, I can see it seriously stopping them as they wouldn't be able to just 'burn him down'.

    Most of the other fights seem good. Even cinder was fine. We were strong dps and had to hold back alittle just to make sure we didn't 25% him before the bomb once we figured out we had to los everyone as well. Everything hit harder as you would expect for a MM run.

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