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Thread: Back from break: MM rewards?

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    Default Back from break: MM rewards?

    I noticed after coming back from a break that you can get a greater mark from an expert these days. I assume (read: hope!) that a similar thing has been done to the masters. Can you get greater marks from masters, and if so, how many? Are they still given in a lump at the end after killing the last boss? I seem to recall CR has 2x the number of bosses as MMDD (which I assume roughly translates to taking 2x as long). Does it require a full clear before you see anything also?

    Also does it let you choose greater vs. not-so-greater, in case we are running with people that still need t1 stuff?

    Note I am obviously neglecting the drops here. Myself and most of the people coming back are about geared out in t1 raid level, and looking for some greater mark income while we try to get back into raiding. Thanks!
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    Yes you get to choose.

    mDD gets you 2 greaters or 6 normal after killing Skarn. mCR gives the same reward at 5 bosses and again for every boss being killed.

    Welcome back.
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